The Ocean Liner United States: The Past & Future of America’s Flagship

Category: Environmental
Clients: SS United States Conservancy, Forbes Galleries

I designed a comprehensive set of exhibition panels and object labels for the SS United States Conservancy’s exhibition, “The Ocean Liner United States: The Past Present & Future of America’s Flagship” at the Forbes Galleries on 5th Avenue in New York. The final deliverables included 40 artifact labels, 23 text panels, and 3 large infographics.

I worked closely with the exhibit’s curator, Michael Harrison (project historian of “On the Water: Stories from Maritime America” at the National Museum of American History) as well as the team at the Forbes Galleries to design the panels to appropriate sizing and specifications for the site. The panels were designed to be easy to read from a distance, despite the sheer amount of information that needed to be included in each. Panels were visually branded with the SS United States Conservancy’s colors as well as the Gibbs typeface.